Logistics and schedule

The program fee covers all in-country travel, lodging, and most meals. EMBA program staff handle all the details—you just need a passport with at least 90 days of validity. No special immunizations are required for Estonia and Sweden at this time; however, we recommend checking the CDC’s website for the latest recommendations on immunizations.

You and your EMBA class will visit a range of organizations, from high-tech to multinationals to startups. Cultural visits include historical sites, guided city tours, and restaurants with traditional food.

The 10-day schedule includes several open evenings for students to explore as they wish. Foodie tours and exploring the city by bicycle are student favorites.

Sample itinerary

A detailed schedule will be provided to you by EMBA program staff, but below is a sample itinerary for you to get a sense of the type of activities you can expect during your trip.

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome to Estonia

  • Arrive in Tallinn, bus to hotel
  • Orientation
  • Welcome dinner

Day 2

  • Presentation: Digital Estonia
  • Company visit: Financial services
  • Cultural event: Guided tour of Tallinn

Day 3

  • Company visit and discussion: Post-communist economic energy
  • Interactive case study: Innovation
  • Optional evening cultural event

Day 4: Day trip to Helsinki, Finland

  • Guided tour of Helsinki

Day 5: Travel to Sweden

  • Dinner as a group with guest speaker

Days 6 & 7: Cultural exploration

  • Tour Stockholm
  • Cultural event: Traditional food tour, museum
  • Trip to historic Swedish town

Day 8

  • Briefing and discussion: Sweden's economic model
  • Lunch with guest speaker
  • Company visit: Healthcare
  • Optional cultural event

Day 9

  • Company visit: Design
  • Lunch with guest speakers
  • Company visit: Sustainability
  • Farewell dinner
Day 10: Return to U.S.