Four years of school, done in three

The Iowa Degree in Three program provides a path for new first-year students to complete their undergraduate degree in three years. All six Tippie majors are part of this program.

Three-year degrees require the same number of credits as four-year options and the same coursework. The program is designed for highly motivated students who are academically prepared to complete more semester hours per term than average or who come to the university with completed college credits.

Iowa Degree in Three at Tippie

The Tippie College of Business makes several assumptions about candidates for the Iowa Degree in Three:

1. Students will be prepared to enroll in Math:1380 Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business their first enrollment at Iowa.
2. Students will have fulfilled the world language requirement before matriculation.
3. Students will be direct admits to the Tippie College of Business.
4. Students will have earned at least 15 semester hours of college credit before matriculation.
5. Students will not be held for more than 2 English as a Second Language classes.

Internships, study abroad experiences, and real-world projects are integral to the Tippie experience. Students interested in Iowa Degree in Three should work closely with their advisor to incorporate these experiences into their academic plan. Discuss your options with your advisor during your first semester of enrollment.

Program benefits

You can complete your college degree in three years, significantly reducing the cost of your college education. Participating students can also use the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant to cover up to 12 semester hours over two summer sessions (instead of the usual one summer).

Iowa Degree in Three limitations

Iowa Degree in Three covers only a primary major. Students wanting to add a second major are not eligible for the plan and should instead plan to graduate in four years. With careful planning, some students may be able to add a certificate or minor to their major and still graduate in three years. Students required to take more than two English as a Second Language courses are not eligible, given the program's accelerated schedule.