Honors at Tippie

From the Dean's List to honors in business, Tippie loves celebrating the academic achievements of our students.

Here we give you the guidelines for what it takes to reach your ultimate scholarly potential.

University honors

Dean's List

Tippie recognizes our achieving students by admitting them to our Dean's List. Over a semester, these outstanding students must achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher on at least 12 semester hours of UI graded coursework with no hours of I (incomplete) or 0 (no grade reported). 

Tippie Honors Program


Reach high and graduate with honors from Iowa's top business school. The minimum requirement to reach this accomplishment is a 3.5 GPA in each of the following:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • UI GPA
  • Cumulative business GPA
  • UI business GPA

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Graduating with honors in business

Take your academic achievements a step further after you reach eligibility for Tippie honors. Graduate with honors in business by having the eligible GPAs and presenting an honors thesis. 

Your thesis should include original research that you've conducted in partnership with a full-time faculty member. All theses should be submitted by PDF to Jennifer Blair. You must also present your preliminary or complete findings at the Tippie Research Fair or one of the undergradaute research festivals.

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Graduating with distinction

Scholastic achievement is recognized upon graduation in two ways: 1) based on grades only and 2) based on both grades and the the completion of honors outlined by Tippie. To be eligible for either, students must complete 60 s.h. as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa.   

With highest distinction:

Students in the highest 2%

With high distinction:

Students in the highest 3%

With distinction:

Students in the highest 5%

Alumni Story
While at Tippie,, Tom Niblock (BBA07) merged his economics and religious studies majors to build a career as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.

Pivot from research assistant to advocate

Tom Niblock (BBA07) was a research assistant at Iowa. On one of his first projects, he and his professor researched the effect of HIV/AIDS on labor markets.

"We wrote a paper together, and I presented it at a conference through the honors program and at the Iowa Statehouse in Des Moines."

At the time, there was a crisis developing in Sub-Saharan Africa with HIV/AIDS. People there were dying really at an alarming rate, but no one had looked at the implications for what would happen to the labor market.

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