Honors programs for Tippie students

Tippie students are eligible for two honors programs that recognize academic excellence.

University Honors

The University Honors Program, also referred to as “Honors at Iowa,” is a membership-based program open to all students at the University of Iowa with a qualifying grade point average (GPA). You can graduate with University Honors by completing honors-designated coursework and experiential learning opportunities. To learn more about eligibility and graduation requirements, visit University Honors.

Honors in the Major

In addition the University Honors Program, Tippie offers an honors graduation designation specifically for undergraduate business students. ‘Honors in the Major’ can be earned by completing additional requirements within your major.

How it works

Through Honors in the Major, you’ll complete a research project under the mentorship of a Tippie faculty member. You’ll have the opportunity to delve deep into a topic that interests you and develop expertise in your subject area. We’ll support you throughout your experience and connect you with a community of business honors students.


  • Dedicated honors advisor
  • Community of top students at Tippie through the Tippie Business Honor Society
  • Working with Tippie’s world-class faculty
  • Opportunity to write an original thesis and develop expertise that prepares you for graduate school or distinguishes you as an expert in the job market
  • Eligibility

    Honors in the Major requirements include:

  • 3.5 GPAs at graduation: cumulative, UI, business, UI business
  • Completion of BUS:1999 Introduction to Research in Business
  • Two-semester thesis project with a faculty member in your field
  • Poster presentation of your research at the Undergraduate Research Festival
  • Getting started

    Want to see how Honors in the Major can fit into your graduation plan? Download the registration form and return it to the Undergraduate Program Office.  We'll be in touch to schedule an advising appointment.

    Register for honors


Comparing honors programs

You are not required to be a member of the University Honors Program to earn Honors in the Major. However, pursuing both has some advantages. For instance, fulfilling Honors in the Major requirements also satisfies the experiential learning requirement of University Honors.

Both honors are added to the Commencement Program, announced at the commencement ceremony, and designations for both will appear on your transcript and diploma.

Alumni Story
While at Tippie,, Tom Niblock (BBA07) merged his economics and religious studies majors to build a career as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.

Pivot from research assistant to advocate

Tom Niblock (BBA07) was a research assistant at Iowa. On one of his first projects, he and his professor researched the effect of HIV/AIDS on labor markets.

"We wrote a paper together, and I presented it at a conference through the honors program and at the Iowa Statehouse in Des Moines."

At the time, there was a crisis developing in Sub-Saharan Africa with HIV/AIDS. People there were dying really at an alarming rate, but no one had looked at the implications for what would happen to the labor market.

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