Course requirements for majors and minors at Tippie

At Tippie, something is always changing: New tracks, new courses, new experiential learning opportunities. Get the latest on your major(s) and stay on track.



See special accounting requirements, courses you need to take, and information about the writing skills assessment.


Learn how you can help any organization solve problems using data. View required courses and electives that support different analytics and technology career paths.


Pick from two tracks: Business and Policy. See course descriptions and requirements for each.


Get a list of major and elective courses, check out the Krause Fund, and pick the courses that fit your career plan.


Choose from three tracks: HR management, leadership and management, and entrepreneurial management.


Check out four new tracks in marketing analytics, marketing management, sales and management, and retail management.

Double majors & joint degrees

Who says you have to stick to one major? You’d be surprised how many Tippie students major in more than one subject—and with joint degree programs in place, your “other” major doesn’t even have to be business. See double major & joint degree policies.


Tippie students have a plethora of subjects to choose from when it comes to picking a minor—from Spanish to sport and recreation management and everything in-between. Economics is the only business subject that has a minor available to Tippie students. UI students who are not majoring in business can minor in business administration.

Choosing your major

Still on the fence about what to major in? Not ready to dive deep into picking your courses for the next semester? We have you covered. Much of the information about all six of our majors, plus salary stats and related careers are summarized in the future undergraduate students section of the site. Check it out.