More than just numbers

Accounting isn't just balance sheets and numbers. It's also people skills, professionalism, and integrity. We've designed our outstanding program around these factors. So well, in fact, that more than 120 firms recruit our accounting students on campus each year.

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    Additional accounting requirements

    To pursue a major in accounting, you must first be admitted to the Tippie College of Business. In addition, you must also meet the following criteria to declare a major in accounting: 

    • GPA of 3.0 UI and cumulative
    • A 2.67 (B-) average in ACCT:2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting and ACCT:2200 Managerial Accounting.
    • A passing score on the writing skills assessment.

    Courses and course requirements 

    All accounting major-level courses (ACCT:3100 and above) must be completed at the University of Iowa.


    At a glance

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    Average starting salary for accounting graduates

    Class of 2016
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    of Accounting alums employed or enrolled in grad school

    within 6 months of graduation, 2015-2016
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    CPA pass rate for large U.S. programs

    NASBA, 2019

    Interested in VITA services?

    Our volunteers provide free tax help to taxpayers earning less than $55,000 a year (married taxpayers filing a joint return must have joint income less than $55,000 a year). We will need accurate information about you and your earnings to complete your tax return. To make sure that your return is not rejected, we will check your photo ID and your social security cards for anyone you supported over the year. Here are the other items that you need to bring along:

    1. Birth dates for you, your spouse, and anyone you supported during the year.
    2. Copies of any federal and state returns that you filed during the calendar year 2015.
    3. 2015 wage and earnings statements. This includes all W-2, W-2G, and 1099-R forms from all employers. We cannot prepare your return if you have only payroll check stubs.
    4. 2015 interest and dividend statements. This includes all 1099 forms from any banks or other companies that paid you interest or dividends.
    5. Other relevant information about income and expenses. If you have child care expenses, bring the total amount paid for child care and the child care provider's identifying number. If you paid tuition, bring your tuition statement (1098-T) and information about education expenses that you paid. If you received the first time homebuyer credit in 2008, bring your 2008 tax return.
    6. Bank routing number and account number if you want your refund deposited to your account.
    7. A completed intake form, if possible. This will make preparing your return faster and also make sure that you have the information you need with you. We also provide these.
    8. To file taxes electronically on a married filing joint tax return, both spouses must be present.

    We are trained to help you with your tax return, but sometimes there are complex issues for which we need to refer you to a paid preparer. These things include:

    • You were self-employed (your income is reported to you on a form 1099) and have business expenses exceeding $5,000.
    • You have farm income.
    • You received a lump sum distribution of your entire amount from your pension plan.
    • You were a resident alien part of the year and a nonresident alien the other part of the year.
    • You are a U.S. citizen or resident alien with foreign earned income.
    • You do not have a photo ID.

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