Marketing is everywhere

Studying marketing means becoming a valuable employee in any industry. Marketing is everywhere, so it's easy for us to find interesting, real-world experience for you. Some students create a social media campaign for a local restaurant, others get to design a brand new website. There's so much to do, so we've narrowed marketing down to four specific tracks. Choose the one that fits your interests and personality and grow into a stand-out marketer.

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Tracks in marketing

Marketing analytics

Representing the numbers side of marketing, the marketing analytics track gets you ready for working with the big data in business. You'll be able to take marketing research and transform it into something valuable.

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Marketing management

If you're just interested in becoming a well-rounded marketing professional, the marketing management track opens up the chance for you to learn about it all—you'll be able to take courses from a little bit of everything.

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Professional sales and management

Find your niche in selling with the professional sales and management track. But you won't just learn how to sell. You'll sharpen your presentation skills and learn the very best way to manage a whole sales team.

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Retail management

Retail management is a pretty unique area of study. You'll learn your way around a store through field trips and figure out why stores merchandise product the way that they do. Shopping and dining out will never be the same.

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Courses and course requirements

You must take all of the common required courses, as well as all chosen track courses, and one elective course (marketing management track must take three elective courses). There is a certain order in which these courses must be taken, so make sure you meet with your academic advisor regularly to do academic planning.

Common required courses:

Common elective courses:


Track-specific courses:

Marketing analytics track courses
Marketing management track courses
Professional sales track courses
Retail management track courses

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$50,000 salary

Average starting salary for marketing grads

Class of 2020
93 percent

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within 6 months of graduation, 2020
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Tracks to choose from

retail management, sales management, marketing management, or marketing analytics