The world is your oyster

Global experiences don’t just add stamps to your passport. They also boost your resume.

Culture. Language. Religion. Climate. Laws. Currency. All of these affect how business is conducted in disparate parts of the world. That’s why employers are looking for grads with the cultural competency and cross-cultural understanding needed to navigate foreign markets.

And Tippie gives you countless ways to acquire these skills. Apply for a global internship in one of 11 destinations. Spend two weeks studying international business in London or Beijing. Study leadership in Northern Italy for an entire semester. Or build lifelong global connections here on campus. We've got it all and it's yours for the taking.

Alumni Story
Katelyn Wheeldon

Pivot from Iowa City to Brazil

Katelyn Wheeldon (BBA16) had an interest in Brazil since in high school. She came to Tippie with most of her gen-ed requirements completed, except for a world language course.

“I really wanted to become fluent in Portuguese and develop an understanding for the culture of Brazil."

When she found out that she could complete an accelerated Portuguese course in just one year, it was the launch pad for her five months studying in Florianópolis, Brazil.

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