The world is your oyster

Global experiences don’t just add stamps to your passport, they boost your resume.

It's time to start thinking internationally. With support and encouragement from Tippie Rise, you can study business in a global location while learning about culture, language, religion, commerce, climate, and more. Observe and understand how cultural norms affect business practices. Broaden your world-view and boost your career, as many employers look for grads with cultural competency and cross-cultural understanding. It’s also worth noting that Tippie students who study abroad are frequently more academically prepared: they are more likely to have a higher GPA and graduate on time than those who don’t.

Virtual Global Experiences

Tippie has multiple innovative, virtual programs that explore business in different regions of the world and prepare you for future global endeavors! 

What are some benefits of a virtual global experience?

  • Interactive courses lead by instructors around the world
  • Gain valuable skills and confidence for a future international experience
  • Develop professional skills that have become increasingly important, including how to work remotely, collaborating in virtual teams, practicing intercultural communication strategies, and optimizing programs such as Zoom or Slack 
  • Network with global businesses through guest speakers and projects
  • Available at a lower price point than a study abroad experience
  • Programs are not contingent on travel restrictions
  • Virtual global experiences are eligible for many study abroad scholarships

Winter 2021:

Virtual International Business in Italy: A virtual trip to Italy to examine the business, social, and political response to the pandemic.

This experience will explore international business at a time of disruption: looking at economic, political, and financial implications of the pandemic in Italy and the European Union. The class will be filled with hands-on cultural experiences that you can do from home, including a provided virtual reality headset to tour locations around Italy.

Virtual International Business and Consulting Projects: Asia Pacific Region

Gain a deeper understanding of international business in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong through a virtual course with faculty in each location. Apply what you’ve learned to a hands-on, team consulting project with a company in one of the four locations. Your faculty member from Australia and company supervisor will serve as mentors throughout the project. In today's business environment, it is essential to be able to adapt to working virtually. This experience will teach you how to work with an international client remotely while collaborating with a team to create real world business solutions for a company.

Spring and Summer 2022:

Virtual Global Internships

Remote internships mean that you can work with companies across the globe to support a variety of projects ranging from social media support to full business projects, website designs, market reports, financial assessments, usability testing code, and much more. When completing a remote internship many of the same aspects of a traditional in-person internship exist, including meetings with your supervisor or teammates, completing a mix of individual and group projects, and learning about the overall company or organization and the culture it works in.

Global experience steps

Find your fit

Learn about all the potential programs, locations and experiences available to you through Tippie. There are study abroad options for every type of student — from spending two weeks in an English-speaking country to participating in a year-long program while learning a foreign language.

Learn more

Talk to your Advisor

Make sure your study abroad dream fits into your on-time graduation plan. Follow the instructions for planning the courses you'll take abroad (or request an evaluation if your desired courses are not listed). Most importantly, schedule an appointment to talk with your advisor.

Visit advising

Explore financial aid

Once you've found your fit and talked to your advisor, apply to the program of your choice and explore ways to finance your study abroad. Tippe offers multiple scholarships for virtual global experiences and in-person programs. 

See details

Study abroad options

Female student posing in front of St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow

Explore opportunities around the world that fit your location or language preferences.

Female student wearing Tippie College of Business branded clothing standing in front of London Bridge

Spend two weeks studying business in one of the most important financial centers of the world.


Focus on business, leadership, and travel during a semester or summer in Northern Italy.

Male student working at a desk in Hong Kong

Gain workplace experience in your field of study through an internship in one of 13 cities around the world.

Female student posing at waterfront of a city

Spend a semester, summer, or year directly enrolled at an institution around the world.

How to find a study abroad program and plan for transfer credit

  1. Visit the Study Abroad search to identify a partner program
  2. After finding a program, visit MyUI Transfer Institution Search
  3. Select transfer institution/Study abroad program where credit will be granted. See your study abroad advisor if you need help identifying the institution. 


  • IES- Institution for International Educ of Students Barcelona , Barcelona SPAIN
  • CIEE Shanghai, Shanghai CHINA
  • Wells College
  1. Select the UI College - “Tippie College of Business”
  2. Select the curriculum area of courses you would like returned- “All evaluated courses”
  3. Leave transfer department and course blank 
  4. Results will show courses all that have been approved for transfer and the equivalency. Your advisor will indicate approval on your Credit Approval Form from the Study Abroad Office. 

In some cases, courses are not listed in the transfer institution search:

  1. If your institution, program, or class has not been evaluated. In this case, you will need to request a course evaluation
  2. Some programs offer residence credit, change their course numbers frequently, or do not assign numbers. These include many USAC programs, Vienna Exchange, or residence programs. These equivalencies can be found here.