Being part of Iowa’s Executive MBA program means you never have to go it alone. From dedicated faculty and administrators, to classrooms full of the area’s top talent, to our latest offering, Executive Coaching, students are surrounded by a network of highly skilled professionals dedicated to their success.

“Going in, I thought Executive Coaching was to give me executive presence. I thought it was about how I act in a boardroom. But it was so much more.” ~Jenn Crall, MBA

We’ve put together some details about the Executive Coaching to help you better understand this experience and its benefits.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your coach You’ll provide details about what you’d like your coaching to address—be it conflict resolution skills, how to manage a team, overcoming bias in the workplace, or interview prep. The focus is entirely up to you. We’ll use your assessment to match you with several coaches with expertise in your area of interest. You’ll choose the coach that best speaks to your needs.
  • Meet when it’s convenient ­– Once you’ve chosen a coach, you’ll work with them to schedule a virtual meeting cadence. Some Executive MBA students see their coach for one hour, once a week. Others get together less frequently. Students tell us that the flexibility of their coaches is key; you can reach out to your coach via email, texting or by phone when you need them.
  • Gain access to a wealth of resources ­– Coaches in our program have deep insights into skills assessment, goal setting, and career guidance. They’ll provide a variety of books, articles, and resources to supplement your sessions and encourage your growth. You can also find additional resource in the Executive Coaching app. The benefits of this additional learning extend far outside your coaching hours.
  • Focus on what’s important to you ­– Our students tell us that when it comes to coaching, you get out as much as you put in. Executive MBA alum Randy Califf worked with his coach “to prepare for a key meeting with my supervisor, and also role-play critical conversations that I needed to have with my employees.” Alum Jenn Crall says that her coach taught her that “Resilience is experiencing something and learning from it. It’s not just about how quickly you can bounce back.”

Executive coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, and it’s a completely optional part of the program. If you choose to participate, you’ll work with your coach to identify areas you’d like to improve and create a custom plan for your development. 100% of the students who participated last year said that their coach helped them progress toward their professional goals.

“If you’re not where you want to be, your coach can help you figure out why.” ~Jessica Griffin, MBA

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