Tippie Researchers in Healthcare

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Ramji Balakrishnan
Ramji Balakrishnan Professor and Director, RSM US LLP Institute of Accounting Education and Research, C. Woody Thompson Professor of Accounting My primary interest relates to cost estimation and cost management. Earlier works focused on understanding the cost structure in hospitals, and factors that lead to variation in it. My current projects focus on applying time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) methods to estimate costs.
Alan Reed, MD, MBA
Alan Reed Director, UIHC Organ Transplant Center, Professor and Chief, Division of Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery, Professor of Surgery - Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery A transplant surgeon, I run the Organ Transplant Center at the UIHC. Interests in management include cost management and health education.


Anne Villamil
Anne P. Villamil Professor, Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow


Richard Peter
Richard Peter Assistant Professor I am interested in the role of genetic information, including the decision whether to perform a genetic test and the regulation of such information from an insurance perspective. Another stream of research looks at the incentive effects of consumer-driven health plans and their potential to reduce aggregate healthcare expenditures. Lately, I have been involved in a project that studies to what extent behavioral impediments related to risk perception can explain the lack of prevention against certain health risks.

Business Analytics

Johannes Ledolter
Johannes Ledolter Professor, Business Analytics and Statistics & Actuarial Science, Robert Thomas Holmes Professor My expertise is in the statistical design of experiments and in the statistical analysis of the resulting data. As part of the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Visual Loss at the Iowa City VA Health Care System, I help draw up the experimental protocol for proposed animal studies, determine the required sample sizes needed to learn about scientifically meaningful effects, and analyze the resulting data using the appropriate statistical tools, including analysis of variance models for repeated measurement data and regression models. I also work with the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Iowa on large-data projects that deal with anesthesia group and OR staffing, anesthesia group management, post-anesthesia care unit management, hospital inpatient workload for tactical or strategic decision-making, and methods of supervision of anesthesia staff.
Nick Street
Nick Street Professor and Department Executive Officer, Henry B. Tippie Research Professor of Business Analytics I have been engaged in applications of data mining in healthcare decision making for over 25 years. In general, our most recent focus is on combining predictive and prescriptive analytics to make better decisions using complex, nonlinear predictors. Other projects include prediction of pain response in children, surgical site infections, and drug adverse events. I am also the director of the interdisciplinary graduate program in Health Informatics, and a member of the steering committee for the University of Iowa Informatics Initiative.
Kang Zhao
Kang Zhao Assistant Professor My research on health care focuses on data mining and predictive models for online support communities and social media. Specific research topics include text mining for social support classification, user engagement prediction, sentiment analysis for treatment options, social network analysis for online interactions, and prediction of offline health outcome (e.g., smoking abstinence) using people's online behaviors. My research has been supported in part by NIH.

Management and Entrepreneurship

Eean Crawford
Eean Crawford Assistant Professor, Cannon Faculty Scholarship for Teaching Excellence I examine the effectiveness of Patient-Centered Medical Home (team-based health care) implementation in the context of the Veterans Health Administration as a co-investigator with Greg Stewart. I am currently studying the extent to which multiple team membership (health care providers being members of more than one patient care team simultaneously) impacts the performance of primary care hospitals and clinics. Our current finding is that as health care providers (doctors, nurses, administrative associates) belong to an increasing number of teams, their patients have a higher likelihood of visiting the ER. This is likelihood is even higher for patients whose health conditions are more complex.
Brady Firth
Brady Firth Assistant Professor
Greg Stewart
Greg Stewart Professor and Director, PhD Program in Management and Entrepreneurship, Mary H. Bell Chair in Leadership


Gary Gaeth
Gary Gaeth Professor, Cedar Rapids Area Business Chair My long-time colleague, Irwin Levin and I have been studying decision making and consumer behavior for high-functioning adults on the autism spectrum. We have conducted several basic decision-making studies using a cross-section of decision making “competence” tasks, self-reported life satisfaction and difficulty, and measured autistic characteristics using an instrument developed by a clinician/researcher here at Iowa.
Thomas Gruca
Thomas Gruca Professor and Faculty Director, MBA Marketing Career Academy, Henry B. Tippie Research Professor of Marketing My current research focuses on issues surrounding access to care for rural patients. While the Affordable Care Act has reduced some of the payment barriers for patients, the problem of geographic access to providers remains. This is a crucial issue for Iowa since it has a rapidly aging population, many of whom live in rural areas. One stream of research looks at rural outreach by specialist physicians. Urban-based specialists regularly visit rural communities to meet with patients and primary care practitioners. While this model for rural outreach - known as a “visiting consultant clinic” – is used through the country, only the state of Iowa regularly collects the data necessary to track (and model) this approach to expanding access to care for rural patients. A second stream of research looks at rural access to primary care providers, which includes physicians, physician assistants and advanced nurse practitioners.
David A. Katz, MD, MSc.
David Katz Co-Director - Demonstration Laboratory for the VA Patient Centered Medical Home Initiative (VISN 23), Associate Professor of Internal Medicine - General Internal Medicine, Associate Professor of Epidemiology