Business Analytics Academy: Proactive Analytics - A Day in the Life of Quality

January 25, 2018 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
W401 PBB

Do you enjoy using data to solve problems?  Are you looking for a career path that will maximize the use of your Analytics degree?  Consider a career in Quality!  Quality roles present numerous opportunities to use analytics tools, across any industry.  During this academy session, Tony Rose will share his experiences using analytics in several Quality roles throughout his career.  He will review the tools most commonly used in entry-level Quality roles such as hypothesis testing and regression analysis, as well as the tools used in higher-level Quality leadership roles including process control, process management, and predictive analytics.  Tony will also review several exciting evolutionary trends in the Quality field.  While past Quality professionals have succeeded in using analytics to diagnose and solve problems, the new Quality professionals of today are using many of the same tools to prevent similar problems from happening in the first place.  Join us on the 25th to learn more!
Tony Rose is a University of Iowa MBA graduate who has built his career as a Quality professional in a variety of industries.  He has served in Quality and Continuous Improvement roles for UPS, GE, Rockwell Collins, and is currently a Complex Quality Manager at HNI Corporation.