Finance Academy: End of the Year Celebration

December 7, 2017 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Clinton Street Social Club

This week we will move our Academy Session to the Clinton Street Social Club.

The address is 18 ½ Clinton Street in Downtown Iowa City.

The time will be the usual time – 1:30 to 3:00.

Lunch will be served and will include  a selection of the restaurant’s most popular  offerings, including vegetarian choices.  Kriti worked with me on the menu selection.

Beverages will consist of soda, lemonade, water, juice and ice tea.

We will be on the third floor, and will have that space to ourselves.  It’s one of my favorite restaurant spaces on campus.  Some of you will remember the space because we held an event there for prospective students last Spring.

It’s time to reflect on the how much you have all accomplished since the summer, which has been huge, and to look forward to the next semester. It’s a time to also recognize the strong sense of community you have built together.

We look forward to your attendance, which is required just as it is for any other  session.  If you  are not able to attend, you will need to notify me in advance, as usual.

If you are currently in another academy but are  switching into the Finance Academy for the new year, please feel free to join us.  If you are still thinking about your choice, you are also welcome to attend.

The food is great at the Clinton Street Social Club, and I hope you will enjoy being together as a class.

See you there!