Finance Academy: A Workshop Led by Nick Westergaard

February 14, 2019 - 1:30pm to 2:50pm
C425 PC

There will be many times in the course of your career when you will have to speak without much notice. You will not have the benefit of slides or a staff to assist you. You may be in a meeting with other senior executives. You may be called to speak the CEO, CFO or General Counsel. You may have to speak to the news media or you may have to answer questions from regulators or elected officials. There may be emergencies to address or just the usual unexpected that can arise in your day.

How you perform under these circumstances can impact your career. In our session, we will explore some approaches you can use when you have to “think on your feet.”

This will be an interactive session led by Nick Westergaard of the Frank Center. Nick has had extensive experience coaching U of Iowa students on their communication skills. No advanced preparation is required. This session will be just for 2nd year MBA students.