Marketing Academy: Understanding How A/B Testing Works

October 19, 2017 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
C435 PC

An introduction and overview of A/B Testing in a digital environment featuring Telepharm's Director of Marketing, Greg Janes. If you are wondering why marketers should care about A/B Testing, think about the connection between moving prospects through the sales funnel and developing effective messaging, website landing pages, content, ads, e-mail communication - and more. The sales funnel for many companies has moved out of brick and mortar showrooms and into consumers’ homes due to abundant and instantaneous access to all facets of purchase related information. The significance of an effective digital presence and digital messaging is critical to a company’s ability to attract and move potential consumers to and through the sales funnel. Companies must be able to answer questions, support evaluation and decision making, build trust and confidence, and ultimately make a conversion (sale) - sometimes nearly completely in the digital realm. A/B Testing is a scientific tool marketers have at their disposal to reduce uncertainty for decisions surrounding nearly everything online by helping to determine which variation of a marketing message will improve conversion rates (and therefore likely improve sales and revenue). Testing is always better than guessing. In this session we will learn how to design an experiment and collect data for decision making purposes using A/B Testing.