MAC courses are designed to challenge you.

But that’s a good thing.

You can select a specialty area to dive deep into what interests you, or if you're unsure, stay neutral without declaring a track. Courses include hot topics happening right now, so you're learning from the WSJ and Businessweek as much as you're learning from textbooks and research papers.


The program is 30 semester hours in total. Courses you'll take vary slightly based on the track you choose (if you choose a track at all). Want even more info? See course descriptions.

Common courses

You'll complete at least three of these four courses. If you choose no specialization, you'll take all four.

  • Design and Use of Cost Management Systems
  • Financial Reporting: Theory and Practice
  • Advanced Auditing
  • Taxes and Business Strategy

Business analytics

All tracks include both of these business analytics courses.

  • Introduction to Modeling with VBA
  • Database Management and Web Services



The exact courses you'll take will change based on the track you choose (there's also the option to choose no track). Explore detailed plans of study for each.

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