Business education, re-envisioned

We’ve re-imagined business education for experienced professionals—leaders who demand a higher level of classroom experience. The courses are probably on point with your expectations from a top-ranked MBA: management, finance, analytics, marketing, strategy, and more. The chairs, whiteboards, and overhead projectors are not that different, either.

But having a CFO in your study group is different. So are expert faculty who tailor their courses to your experience level—and understand you have other priorities, too. That, in essence, is the Iowa Executive MBA value proposition. Classmates with diverse backgrounds. Lively discussions with smart people like you. Professors who respect your experience. All from one of the best business schools in the country.

Invest in yourself

If you find the demands on you have never been greater, it’s a sign. Time to invest in you. The Executive MBA is a strategic investment in high-level business expertise that keeps you at the top of your game—all career long.

Run with the best

Your classmates are leaders. What they're leading varies—a business unit, health care practice, military brigade, or their own business—but their value does not. Our team-based approach makes their experience part of your EMBA experience.

We’re in this together

Everyone in an EMBA classroom is balancing other priorities. How do they make it work? With support from faculty who get that you have a life outside of school, and staff who go above and beyond to make life easier.

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Amrita Nain

Hard to beat for knowledge

The higher you climb the ladder, the greater the need for you to understand all aspects of business.

By the numbers

4 Semesters to Complete

Semesters to complete the EMBA program

Average 16 Years of Experience

Average years of work experience

#36 Ranking

Best Executive MBA in the U.S.

The Economist, 2015

What you’ll learn

What you need to get to the next level is likely different from what has helped you succeed in the past. Leading at a high level requires you to draw from multiple disciplines: change management, organizational leadership, financial expertise, marketing strategy, supply chain, business and data analytics. The Iowa Executive MBA helps you upgrade your cross-functional understanding of business and grounds it in business strategy. 

Plus, the immediacy of an EMBA is unparalleled. Apply your newfound analytics knowledge to optimize how many flu shots to order during peak flu season. Draw on your Dynamics of Negotiations simulations to break new ground in your contract negotiations. Your employer has as much, if not more, to gain from the revitalized you.

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Alumni Story
Joe Benesh, MBA at University of Iowa Tippie College of Business

Run with the best, invest in yourself

After senior architect Joe Benesh (EMBA16) launched his own strategic planning company, he drafted a blueprint to tap into what his clients struggled with most. His architecture clients needed advice forecasting what they could afford. Meanwhile his personal business clients—community groups, chambers of commerce, private companies, and nonprofits—needed expertise in developing strategic plans as part of evolving, guiding, and growing their organizational development.

With an Iowa MBA, Joe reframes what he learned from industry-diverse faculty and C-suite classmates to solve his clients’ pivotal business questions.  

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