Your time to re-acclimate

Pretty much everyone here has been out of school for a long time.

Residency Week is a way for us to help you get back into the rhythm of being in classes. A five-day "marathon" session that takes place in August of each academic year allows students to learn and network together.

First-year Residency Week

Get to know your classmates, meet your study group, and meet the EMBA support team and faculty. The first-year Residency Week also includes a two-day business simulation to introduce some business concepts and help your study group gel as a team. The week concludes with your first full day of classes. During this time, we’ll also take care of some of the mundane tasks like getting your picture taken and issuing your official University of Iowa ID.

Second-year Residency Week

In your second year, we’ll welcome you back with a more intense business simulation that draws on the prior year’s class work. The intent is to serve as a refresher before you transition to the in-depth content you’ll experience in year two.

In both years, you’ll participate in team activities, dine with business leaders, and brush up on your presentation skills.