Know your schedule from day one

Everyone in your Executive MBA class has the same class schedule. A new cohort starts every August. You'll meet for in-person classes once a month, on Fridays and Saturdays, alternating between Des Moines and Iowa City. A complimentary shuttle service and Friday-night hotel stay is included in your tuition. Additionally, classes are held online one Saturday per month.

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Carving out time for the Executive MBA

One thing is clear: you’re not going to get less busy.

The sooner you arm yourself with new know-how, the longer it will fuel your career. From single parents to students commuting from Chicago, hundreds of others have made it happen. We asked them how they’d advise someone considering the EMBA program, and they had great tips:

Get buy-in

The EMBA is a big time commitment, and not one you can make alone. Whether it’s your spouse, business partner, or boss, talk with them. Reassure them that it’s not forever, and be sure to point out that you know your entire schedule from day one. With a little planning, family vacations and business travel are easy to do. See our tips on talking to your employer about an EMBA.

Lean on all of us

It takes a village, starting with your EMBA study group. They’ll have your back when you have to miss class for a big client meeting, and they’ll be there to help when you’re stumped by a complex assignment. The EMBA staff will always take care of the details, so you can focus on the important stuff. Plus, all the class sessions are captured via video, so we have you covered if extenuating circumstances mean you have to miss class.

Have fun

Particularly in the Iowa City cohort, the fall semester may align with the Hawkeye football schedule. And we admit: it’s by design. Piggyback a Friday class day on a football Saturday with your family. Or have them join you at the end of your international business seminar, and enjoy adventures abroad with your loved ones.