Important news about the Full-time MBA Program
Tippie College of Business has announced that the incoming class of 2019 will be the last cohort of students admitted to the Full-time MBA program at Iowa. The decision to end this delivery format for the Iowa MBA will allow the college to continue to innovate and grow the Professional MBA, Executive MBA, and portfolio of specialized master's programs increasingly preferred by the students and businesses we serve.
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Everything we do is focused on you and your career.

No, seriously. Everything.

From the concentrations we offer to consulting projects and global trips, it all directly supports making yours the resume that hiring managers put on top of the stack.  

Pile up the right skills

There’s certain expertise employers demand for new MBA hires. We make sure our coursework and concentrations sync up with what they’re looking for. Exhibit A: our concentration in business analytics.

Fulltime MBA FT Finance

Students learn to analyze complex data, utilize technology, solve real problems, and lead businesses to better decisions.

Fulltime MBA FT Finance

Our top-ranked finance concentration allows students to pursue one of two tracks: investment management or corporate finance.

Fulltime MBA Marketing

Prepares graduates to manage every element of a brand and to add to the company’s bottom line.

Be the consultant

Real-world experiences carry serious resume weight. So we integrate two full-semester consulting projects for every student, with opportunities for more if you’re a go-getter.

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Grab your passport

It’s hard to experience international business without stepping foot outside our borders. So our MBAs—all of them—have an international experience, usually a weeklong trip abroad to see it all firsthand.

Explore global

The basics

All Full-time MBA students start with the same set of core courses in the fall semester. By the end of fall, you’ll declare one of our four concentrations and join the related career academy. Over the next three semesters, you’ll take classes in your concentration plus electives you choose for a total of 60 semester hours.

Almost all MBA courses are delivered in 8-week “modules”—a few are in a 16-week format, including both real-world consulting engagements. The international trip happens at the end of spring semester year 1 or either winter break—your choice.  

What’s an academy, anyway?

We’ve crafted outside-the-classroom experiences to prep you for your career, delivered through three academies: finance, marketing, and business analytics. Your academy is your community at Iowa. It’ll focus you on the activities, courses, projects, networks, and influencers relevant to your concentration. Here’s how it works.  

Be mentored

Your academy’s two directors connect you with employers, refine your career exploration, and ensure your coursework aligns with skills employers look for. As a team, you’ll plan electives and experiences that’ll position you for career launch.

Network with influencers

Dynamic presentations and Q&A with professionals at the top of their game give you a glimpse into different careers and industries, and help you make job-search connections.


In year two, you’ll consult for your second client—this time, specifically solving a problem in your concentration area. Creating a go-to-market strategy for a new medical device, developing a model to calculate NPV on new projects, or using data to predict which customers are most likely to bite on a new product.