Important news about the Full-time MBA Program
Tippie College of Business has announced that the incoming class of 2019 will be the last cohort of students admitted to the Full-time MBA program at Iowa. The decision to end this delivery format for the Iowa MBA will allow the college to continue to innovate and grow the Professional MBA, Executive MBA, and portfolio of specialized master's programs increasingly preferred by the students and businesses we serve.
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Read the data. Tell the story. Make the decision.

What’s the biggest untapped resource any business has today? Data.

What’s the biggest puzzle businesses face? Figuring out how to harness their data and use it to make decisions.

Data makes a business smarter and more profitable—but it’s useless without talent that “gets” analytics. Lucky you. An MBA with a business analytics concentration delivers the precise set of skills and experience employers are scrambling for.

You’ll know how to ask the right questions and extract the best insights. How to expertly tell the story revealed by your data, visually and in a boardroom-style presentation.

The best part about an MBA in business analytics? Every industry and every functional area needs you. Product development, finance, and logistics...consumer products, financial services, and nonprofit. Their data needs to point them to opportunities and warn them of pitfalls, guiding strategy. As keeper of the data insights, you’ll be a key player in all of it.

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STEM designated program

The business analytics concentration was designed as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) academic program in 2016.

What does this mean for you? The STEM designation signals to employers that you've got the quantitative chops they're looking for. Combine that with the longstanding reputation of an MBA, and employers will know you can both understand their business needs and bring in-demand tech skills to the table.

A STEM degree allows international candidates to work in the U.S. (in STEM-designated positions) even longer before securing employer sponsorship. That means a business analytics concentration delivers a big boost to your U.S. job prospects.

What you’ll study

On top of the MBA core, you’ll complete seven business analytics courses, including:

  • Data Management and Visual Analytics
  • Data Programming with R
  • Data Science
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Analytics in Practice (this is your second-year consulting project)
  • Two business analytics electives
  • Eight MBA electives

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Business analytics students are members of the Business Analytics Academy, whose business director can help answer any questions you might have specific to the curriculum, career paths, and academy.

Kristine Arens

Business Director, Business Analytics Academy
E426 Pomerantz Center