Important news about the Full-time MBA Program
Tippie College of Business has announced that the incoming class of 2019 will be the last cohort of students admitted to the Full-time MBA program at Iowa. The decision to end this delivery format for the Iowa MBA will allow the college to continue to innovate and grow the Professional MBA, Executive MBA, and portfolio of specialized master's programs increasingly preferred by the students and businesses we serve.
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Hard to beat for finding your community

The MBA experience isn’t limited to the insides of a classroom. It combines the community where you live, the groups you join, the activities you are a part of...the sum total of everything outside the classroom.

Iowa City: surprisingly awesome

If you’ve never been here, we can guarantee one thing: our city is not what you expect. (Let me guess: you’re picturing corn, aren’t you?)

Iowa City is a vibrant college town that tops the “best of” lists, a multicultural oasis with the University of Iowa nestled in its center.

In five minutes or less, walk from class to a cupcake shop, from a falafel joint to the business library, or from your Thursday afternoon class to Moscow Mules on a downtown patio. There’s something for everyone: art, music, creative cuisine, literature, recreation, farmers markets, and oh yeah—Big Ten sports and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

True, you could see ears of corn piled high at the farmers market. Otherwise, there isn’t a tractor in sight. You simply cannot beat the home of the Iowa MBA.

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Alumni Story
Lisa Ferguson

Embrace Iowa

Before leaving Los Angeles, Lisa Ferguson (MBA16) took some good-natured ribbing from friends about hanging out in cornfields. But between diving into challenging courses and bonding with a tight-knit class of 60, she never felt out of place.

“There’s a collegiate, friendly atmosphere, like the city revolves around the university.”

She also never ran out of fun places to go in Iowa City—including the Bluebird for breakfast and the Java House for studying.


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Join a student organization

Between student orgs exclusively for MBAs and the hundreds of options offered by the university, you’ll find your people.

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Case competitions

It’s okay if you’ve never heard of a case competition, or aspired to compete in one. Case competitions are the “varsity sport” of MBA programs—a forum for facing off against the best and brightest of your MBA peers around the country. You’ll analyze, hypothesize, strategize, and present your findings to solve a business problem. Best of all: the winners typically take home a big, fat check.

We sponsor teams in 10 competitions a year, from Northwestern to TCU, including our own: the Iowa MBA Business Analytics Case Competition. Registration fees and all travel expenses are covered.

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Alumni Story
Vinod Ramachandram

"The ability to take concepts and apply them to case studies or to real-world consulting projects without the fear of failure was the best experience I got.”

Women’s Leadership

Women make 79 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn. They’re largely missing from the C-suite, and make up a disproportionately small share of business leaders. The outlook is no better in full-time MBA classrooms, where women make up far less than half the student body. We’re addressing the issues behind this disparity head on through special programming exclusively for women MBAs.  

 How we create women leaders