Get involved—join a student organization.

Iowa MBAs aren’t really “sit in the back and remain anonymous” kind of people.

Our tight-knit community of students band together to dive into out-of-classroom activities, led in large part by our student organizations.  

Student orgs are the vehicle for volunteering, exploring career paths, networking with MBA hiring companies, meeting Iowa alumni, and making connections that can help you to land your dream job. They’re also the avenue to some memorable good times: football tailgates, the annual Spring Ball, weekly social events, and much more.

Student organizations are just one more way to customize your experience, and get the Iowa MBA you want.

Kandis Meinders

As the overarching MBA student organization, the MBAA engages students in professional development, education, and outreach, enhancing the overall student experience.

Blake Ingram

Focused on education, sustainability, and community involvement, Net Impact educates the Iowa MBA community in socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable practices. The chapter brings Iowa MBAs into the community through service-learning projects.

Lisa Ferguson

With the goal of propelling women MBAs into leadership positions, NAWMBA uses networking, professional development, education, and outreach to help its members establish lifelong relationships and build success-critical skills.

Student Story
Sam Atari, FTMBA

Go the extra mile

Grad school is all about time management, and Sam has it all figured out. In between working on projects for Henry Fund, finding internships and possible jobs, he’s made a niche within the University of Iowa community by getting involved.

 “I came to the program with the idea that you get out what you put in, so if I give everything I have for this program for two years, it will be that much more transformative."

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