Your plan of study may differ depending on which class you begin with.

If you complete each course consecutively and do not defer any courses, you likely can graduate in 15–20 months. Deferring courses (in other words, skipping a module) will delay completing the MBA, so we encourage you not to defer courses—especially core courses—since they prepare you for future electives.

Electives vary each cycle and may not be repeated every cycle. If you're interested in a particular elective, don't defer it, since it may not come around again while you're in the program.

2017 courses

Class days




Jan. 7–8 and 14–15 Corporate Financial Reporting—MBA:8140 Doug DeJong Core
Feb. 4–5 and 11–2 Management in Organizations—MBA:8120 Ning Li Core
Mar. 4–5 and 11–12 Maximizing Team Performance—MGMT:9220 Gale Mote Elective
Apr. 1–2 and 8–9 Managerial Finance—MBA:8180 Art Durnev Core
May 6–7 and 13–14 International Finance—FIN:9240 Erik Lie Elective
June 10–11 and 17–18 Business Analytics—MBA:8150 Jeffrey Ohlmann Core
July 8–9 and 15–16 Operations and Supply Chain—MBA:8240 Barrett Thomas Core
August 12–13 and 19–20 Project Management—MSCI:9185 Patrick Johanns Elective