Want to transfer credits or waive a course?

We’ll work with you to make it all come together.

If you started your MBA elsewhere and want to finish up at Iowa, we’ll use transfer credits to formulate a plan to get you to the finish line.

If you received your bachelor's in finance and live and breathe finance all day at work, you probably aren’t interested in the base MBA finance course. In cases like this, we can waive the course, letting you take an elective class that lets you dive deeper in that or another area instead.

Transfer credits

You can transfer up to 12 semester hours from another MBA program if:

  1. The MBA program is accredited by the AACSB. If the coursework was outside of an MBA program, we'll evaluate it to see if it can be transferred.
  2. The hours weren’t used to fulfill the requirements of another degree.
  3. The grade earned is a B or better (3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale).
  4. The credits will be less than 10 years old upon graduation from the Iowa MBA program (this criterion is effective for Fall 2020 admitted students and later).

Courses earned at another institution after starting the Iowa MBA Program cannot be transferred for credit. 

Course waivers

If you majored in business in undergrad or completed many courses in a business area (like economics, finance, statistics, etc.), you may be eligible for a core course waiver. You’ll still complete the same number of hours to graduate, but with a waiver, you can take an elective class of your choosing instead. Work with your advisor to explore your options.

Cross-counting MBA courses with graduate certificates

Certain courses completed in the Iowa MBA Program can be counted toward graduate certificates offered by the Tippie College of Business. With some planning, you can take 5 courses that will count toward your MBA and a certificate at the same time. That allows you to earn both just by taking the 15 courses required for the MBA.

Cross-counting other Tippie graduate courses

Up to 15 semester hours of credit earned in select Tippie College of Business graduate programs can be used to meet your MBA degree requirements, even if they were used to fulfill graduation requirements for another degree or credential. This applies to any of the following earned in the Tippie College of Business: any PhD; master's degrees in Accounting, Finance, or Business Analytics; graduate certificates in Business Analytics, Business Fundamentals, Finance, Leadership, or Marketing. The credits must be less than 10 years old upon graduation from the Iowa MBA program.