M-B-A. Three magic letters.

But it’s not the letters that matter...

It’s where you earned them, what they say about you, and how they fit into your career plan. Here’s how to make your MBA work harder:

Step 1: Choose a program that is one of the most respected in the nation.
Step 2: Personalize your MBA with a specialized certificate or joint degree.

MBA + certificate, in one fell swoop

In the Professional MBA Program, you can pick your electives and score a graduate certificate with no additional coursework. With a little bit of planning, you can graduate in the same amount of time as you had planned, but with your MBA and your certificate. You'll work with your advisor to weave certificate courses into your MBA plan of study.

Certificates require a separate application and in some cases have their own admission criteria. You have five certificates to choose from:

MBA + Business Analytics Certificate

How do you make a great degree even better? Top off your MBA with Tippie’s Business Analytics Certificate, and gain data science and analytics skills that are in insanely high demand. Take classes from Tippie’s world-renowned business analytics faculty and earn a Business Analytics Certificate along with your MBA.

MBA + Leadership Certificate

Some of the most popular subjects in the MBA program are maximizing team performance, managing change, negotiating, influencing, and persuasion. That’s no surprise. Tippie has one of the nation’s most respected management faculty teams. Five courses in this area will earn you a Leadership Certificate in addition to your MBA.

MBA + Finance Certificate

This may come as a surprise since we’re quite a drive from Wall Street, but simply put, the Tippie College of Business is a finance powerhouse. In fact, Financial Times consistently ranks the Iowa MBA among the top-five finance MBA programs in the world. So tap into that expertise and add a Finance Certificate to your MBA study plan.

MBA + Marketing Certificate

Specialize in a rapidly evolving field where old and new clash. For a solid foundation, start with proven fundamentals: brand management, market research, pricing. Next, layer in the newest tools: social media marketing, CRM, digital marketing, and marketing analytics. Five marketing courses within your MBA earn you a highly marketable Marketing Certificate.

MBA + Healthcare Management Certificate

Learn the leadership qualities and skills that healthcare organizations need by earning your MBA plus a Healthcare Management Certificate. This unique option combines the strengths of Iowa's top-ranked part-time MBA with the University of Iowa's highly ranked healthcare administration program.

Joint degree: MBA & MD

Improve patient and business outcomes through the joint MBA/MD degree from Tippie College of Business and Carver College of Medicine. The Joint MBA/MD degree program develops healthcare leaders from high-performing students who combine medical ambitions with business aspirations.

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Joint degree: MBA + MS in business analytics

Jackpot! You just stumbled upon the hottest intersection in business education. It’s where timely meets timeless. MBA is the timeless degree—an MBA from a leading business school not only equips you for what’s ahead, but works hard for you all career long. It crosses half a dozen disciplines. A master’s in business analytics, by contrast, is a specialized degree. It teaches you how to uncover the value hidden in massive amounts of data. 

These two degrees, when combined, are guaranteed to make you a force to be reckoned with—inside and outside the boardroom. The joint degree option cuts the number of credits required for the M.S. in business analytics by half, the equivalent of about a year.

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Student Story
Alison Burchett

"When you’re early on in your career, the path is really fuzzy. You don’t know what you’re supposed to do next. Once I decided to do the master’s and MBA, it was absolutely clear."