Short courses in finance, leadership, and more

Careers evolve. So does the list of skills you need to be great at your job.

Arm yourself with the latest tools of the trade. The Tippie College of Business offers one- and two-day courses in finance, leadership, and more. Learn to decipher the company 10K, manage a rancorous team, and lead through times of tumultuous change and conflict. Best of all, these courses are open to anyone—no application required.

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Finance for the Non-Financial Manager
Many managers are in positions where they have to manage a budget, submit project proposals or justify expenses, without any formal finance training. Let’s face it. You don’t have the time—or the appetite—for a degree in accounting. If this sounds familiar, you’ve found the right course. Transform finance from something you dread to something you can use to your advantage. Learn to interpret financial reports, speak the language of your finance team, and elevate your unit’s financial performance by making sound financial decisions.

Communication, Negotiation, & Influence
Doing the work is half the battle. Getting others to do their part is the rest. Unless you work inside a snow globe, the odds are you need to influence others to get things done. Gaining commitments and securing resources depend on your ability to get organizational buy-in. This course focuses on influencing and gaining cooperation. Improve your ability to effectively communicate with and influence others, even if you don’t have direct authority.

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