Class of 2019–20 employment statistics

Being a Tippie grad is just one milestone in your journey to a long career. We’re here to make sure it’s a memorable one and have the numbers to prove it. Last year, 94% of Tippie grads were employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. Add to that to the impressive list of top employers that hired Tippie grads, and you’ll start to get the picture.

Program Employed/Further Education* Average Salary
Tippie College of Business 94% $55,000
Accounting 98% $59,000
Business Analytics & Information Systems 95% $58,000
Economics 93% $52,000
Finance 94% $57,000
Management 95% $48,000
Marketing 93% $50,000

*This percentage reflects only those graduates who were seeking placement (defined as employment or further education) and does not include graduates who were not seeking these opportunities.

94% of students employed or enrolled in graduate school within 6 months of graduation
75 percent employed full time
40 Fortune 500 companies hired Tippie Grads
496 companies recruiting on campus
15 thousand plus

Internships posted

on Handshake
68 percent

Completed an internship

78 percent

who completed an internship

found a position related to their course of study
75% of employment related to degree
56,819 full-time positions posted on Handshake
Full-time Permanent Job Offers Accepted througout the U.S.