Putting finance in your wheelhouse

You're making your way up the ladder, moving your career forward. Eventually, you'll need the expertise to make solid, informed decisions about money—with or without a background in finance.

The Financial Decision-Making Certificate is the ideal foundation to help you make informed finance choices in your new role.

Through MBA-level courses, you'll learn to read financial reports, articulate reasoned financial decisions, analyze financial statements, make forecasts, and evaluate new business ventures. In just four courses, you'll earn a structured finance credential and expertise to propel your career forward.

Even better, credits you earn can count toward the Iowa MBA.

At a glance


All courses are offered online. Two courses are offered in-person in Des Moines annually. 


Complete four courses (three required courses + one elective)


Primarily 8-week courses, meeting one night a week, no Fridays or weekends.

Time to complete

As little as 18 months, depending on course availability


$9,000 (Four courses at $2,250 each)


No entrance exam required.

Certificate courses

This course list is valid for Financial Decision-Making Certificate students pursuing the certificate on its own or as part of the Iowa MBA Program.

Required courses

  • Corporate Financial Reporting*—MBA:8140
  • Data and Decisions*—MBA:8150/BAIS:9100
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Forecasting—ACCT:9040

* If either of these two courses are waived, you'll take another approved elective in its place.

Elective course

  • Project Management—MGMT:9185

Other elective options for Iowa MBA students

  • Corporate Investment and Financing Decisions—FIN:9300 (pre-req MBA:8180)
  • Corporate Financial Strategy—FIN:9310 (pre-req MBA:8180)

If you're taking the certificate on its own and not as part of the Iowa MBA, and you are waived from MBA:8180 based on undergraduate coursework, either elective would fulfill the certificate requirements.

Take the next step

You can start the Financial Decision-Making Certificate in spring or fall semester. Summer may also be an option depending on course offerings.

There is no entrance exam. See application deadlines and minimum requirements on the Admission page.

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