Tippie College of Business accounting faculty
Monday, November 23, 2015
Misti Huedepohl

Meet our accounting faculty and discover little known facts!

1. Amy An

Expertise: Tax research and compliance issues of business entities and individual taxpayers.

Amy travels at least 80,000 miles and stays in 75 hotel nights per year. Conrad hotels are her favorite and she travels around the world just to collect the Conrad stuffed animals. Amy’s favorite music group is The McGarrigle Sisters, Canadian folk singers.

2. Jaron Wilde

Assistant Professor
Expertise: Taxation and financial reporting, with emphasis on how monitors and uncertainty influence firms’ business decisions and reporting behaviors. 

Jaron has lived in Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese. The Wilde family’s favorite Iowa location is Wilson’s Orchard just outside Iowa City where they enjoy tractor rides and apple cider donuts.

3. Cristi Gleason

Associate Professor; Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow
Expertise: Financial accounting and reporting, financial reporting of income tax. 

A little-known fact about Cristi is she served as a judge in the university’s traffic court when she was an undergraduate at Brigham Young University. Her favorite place in Iowa is Des Moines because of the wonderful performances at the Performing Arts Center, the high school basketball tournaments at the Wells Fargo Arena and great restaurants and shopping.

4. Scott Asay

Assistant Professor
Expertise: Judgment and decision making in accounting settings. 

Scott’s preferred music group is The Who and his favorite tune is “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” His favorite location in Iowa is Lake Macbride because his family loves to play on the beach, swim and kayak.

5. Paul Hribar

Professor and Director, Ph.D. Program in Accounting; Leonard A. Hadley Research Professor of Accounting
Expertise: Empirical/archival research in financial accounting, specialties including measurement of earnings management using empirical models; accounting-based anomalies; predicting stock returns using accounting data. 

Paul is one of three Canadians in the accounting faculty. (Kevin Markle and Amy An are also from Canada.) Paul is proud to be a big fan of the Toronto Blue Jays.

6. Kevin Markle

Assistant Professor
Expertise: International tax. 

As an undergrad at the University of North Carolina, Kevin was the manager of the women’s soccer team. Several of the players on those teams (Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Carla Overbeck) went on to win World Cups and Olympic gold medals.

7. Kevin Den Adel

Lecturer and Director, Accounting Undergraduate Program
Expertise: Auditing, financial reporting. 

Kevin takes at least one long road trip each summer to explore national parks and historical locations in the U.S. Summer 2015 trips included the Blue Ridge Parkway, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

8. Lisa Dutchik

Expertise: Management accounting. 

Lisa’s passion is college basketball. March Madness is one of her favorite times of the year. Lisa’s favorite place in Iowa is Hickory Hill Park in Iowa City. Lisa and her husband enjoy walking their dog there, no matter what the season.

9. Rick Mergenthaler

Associate Professor; Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow
Expertise: Financial archival research with a focus on standard setting. 

Rick and his wife Bonni welcomed their seventh child, Gavin William, into their family in August. Rick loves Christmas music and listens to it all year. He also appreciates instrumental piano music; The Piano Guys are his favorite.

10. Joyce Berg

Professor and Director, Iowa Electronic Markets; Pioneer Hi-Bred Research Fellow
Expertise: Design of incentive systems, experimental markets, Internet markets, and market design, Iowa Electronic Markets, management accounting, prediction markets. 

Many people don’t know that Joyce once fed a giant tortoise during a visit to the Galapagos Islands. Her two favorite things in Iowa include the Hamburg Inn in Iowa City, to enjoy a delicious raspberry pie shake, and attending a Cedar Rapids Kernels baseball game.

11. Sam Melessa

Assistant Professor
Expertise: Empirical/archival research in financial accounting. 

Sam spends much of his spare time working out (basketball) with his two boys and coaching their AAU basketball teams. He enjoys listening to music from his all-time favorite band, U2, especially The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby albums.

12. Douglas DeJong

Professor and Lloyd J. and Thelma W. Palmer Professor of Accounting
Expertise: Corporate governance (U.S. and international), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), experimental economics; strategic games, markets, and econometrics. 

Doug’s favorite place in Iowa is the Flying Weenie in Cedar Rapids because he claims it has the best Chicago dog in Iowa. His preferred music act is Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. He loved the entire Rumours album.

13. Ramji Balakrishnan

Professor and Director, RSM McGladrey Institute of Accounting Education and Research; Carlson-KPMG Research Professor of Accounting

Ramji and his wife, Usha, love to take walks in Kent State Park in Johnson County. He is fond of carnatic music, a genre little known outside of Southern India, and he considers M. Santhanam one of the all-time greats.

14. Mary Murphy

Adjunct Lecturer

One of Mary’s favorite places is the Iowa City Parkview Terrace Neighborhood, which sits along the Iowa River and has ample green space, wildlife and birds. She says it’s a terrific place to raise children, especially since it is within walking and biking distance of City Park and downtown.

15. Mark Penno

Professor; Ray William Shearman Research Fellow
Expertise: Accounting theory. 

A little known fact about Mark is his undergraduate focus was pre-seminary study. He is fond of Cat Stevens’ “Moonshadow,” and he enjoys the Snake Alley area in Burlington, Iowa.

16. Dan Collins

Professor and Department Executive Officer; Henry B. Tippie Research Chair in Accounting
Expertise: Empirical assessments of earnings management and earnings quality, tests of conditional conservative reporting and timely loss recognition, role of earnings and other accounting numbers in struggles for corporate control. 

Dan grew up on an Iowa farm raising hogs for his 4-H project. He still looks forward to going to the Iowa State Fair to watch the youth hog show.

17. Bob Hartman

Expertise: Financial accounting and reporting, government and not-for-profit accounting, internal auditing, management accounting. 

Bob is fond of the Mississippi River Valley north of Bellevue, Iowa. He appreciates the Wright prairie-style architecture of park pavilions and buildings in Eagle Point Park near Dubuque and the view overlooking Lock and Dam No.11. 

18. Tom Carroll

Lecturer and Director, M.Ac. Program
Expertise: Financial reporting. 

Tom has run in seven marathons, including two Bostons and one New York. His favorite music act is The Big Phat Band and he most enjoys the group’s live version of “Play that Funky Music White Boy.