Tippie College of Business senior Taylor Delapa on The Big Show
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Taylor Delapa, Tippie College of Business Senior

In the Spring of 2017, through the Marketing Institute at Tippie College of Business, we had the opportunity to work on field emersion projects with real clients through the Fox Sports U program. One of our clients that semester was Home Team Sports, a division of Fox Sports. Our project and competition was to create the best 360-degree alignment strategy for business-to-business relations for the company.

Throughout the semester, my team conducted research, analyzed data and benchmarked against other competing companies. We coordinated with Fox Sports U to request data and ask questions while also managing the project timeline and deliverables. Our projects not only affected our grade in the class but also could potentially help or hurt a real company. This experience opened my eyes to what it is like working in the real world. I learned a great deal of responsibility and time management through this opportunity.

My team was successful enough in our deliverables and presentation to win the Marketing Institute competition associated with this assignment. Because of our success, we were given the opportunity to go to Chicago, Ill. and have a couple of our ideas come to life for Home Team Sports. This gave my team the chance to implement our suggestions from the project while networking with several people throughout the process. Going to Chicago took everything to the next level. It allowed us to be put in a professional setting and work on networking in a real world environment.

We were also able to meet the Home Team Sports employees and travel to their office as part of our trip to Chicago. My team and I were able to pitch our suggestions to the employees and get real-time feedback on our suggestions. The most unique thing about this project was the ability to see our ideas being implemented first hand rather than hoping they would be used one day. For example, one of our ideas for Home Team Sports was to incorporate testimonial videos on their website in order to gain credibility to future clients, and we did exactly that! We helped film and ask questions as part of this testimonial process. It was incredibly rewarding to see our ideas come to fruition, and to be part of a video segment they produced that documented our engagement.

Overall, I had a great experience with the Fox Sports U program through the Marketing Institute. It allowed me to work on a client-facing problem that was relevant today. I gained the skill of being able to adapt to any changes that needed to be made in the project while growing individually and professionally as well. Personally, I think this will have a great impact on my future success. As a senior, I am now able to take the essential tools I learned through this program and apply them to my future work and endeavors.