Krause Fund
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Emily Archer

The Iowa Electronic Markets have made international news for its research on 2016 Presidential Election Markets. Based on contracts bought and sold based on a trader's belief about the outcome of the current presidential election, this research predicts who will win the election just by looking at the price of a contract. Check out these international articles in Czech, Romanian, Korean, and Portuguese, written about IEM's crystal-ball outlook on U.S. elections:

Roklen24 - Americké akciové trhy již vybraly nového prezidenta - Ce candidat la prezidentialele americane este vazut mai bine pe bursa

Yahoo Stock - 美股民已選出總統?希拉蕊料大敗川普 重演雷根盛況

Economia ao Minuto - Mercados já escolheram o novo presidente dos Estados Unidos