students studying in the new galleria space in the Pappajohn Business Building
Friday, December 15, 2017
Lesanne B. Fliehler

Students are swarming to use two renovated areas in the Pappajohn Business Building. Both the west and south gallerias received a facelift, and on the second floor, laptop bars were added around the open-air space above the gallerias.

In order to open up the gallerias, several non-load-bearing columns were removed, which allows the space to be better used for small gatherings, such as Employer of the Day corporate recruitment visits or student organization events. In addition, carpeting now covers the central area. Instead of four curved wooden benches, each galleria now holds six curved chair/table combos, four small tables to be used for books or laptops, and four chairs, which can be configured in many different ways.

The second-floor laptop bar areas are completely new study spaces. Prior to the renovation, the areas held bench seating and recycling bins. Today those spaces hold 12 laptop tables that seat two people each plus four benches. The third-floor space is similar, but instead of laptop bars, there is comfortable chair seating and small moveable tables.

Because the Pomerantz Business Library is currently under renovation and won’t be reopened until February 2018, the spaces are heavily used by students at almost any time of day.

“The laptop bars are great spaces to use, especially when two people are working together,” says Katie LaCroix, a senior marketing and business analytics major from Minnetonka, Minnesota. “There are electrical outlets at the tabletops, too, which is an added benefit. All in all, it’s great to see all the changes occurring in the building. I think I can speak for all Tippie students when I say that we can’t wait for the new library to open on the third floor!”