July 9, 2016
Andy Davis

Iowa City dropped to the second least-stressed city in the nation, according to personal finance technology company SmartAsset's latest ranking.

Last year, Iowa City was ranked No. 1, followed by Madison, Wis., and Duluth, Minn. This year Boulder, Colo., edged out Iowa City as the No. 1 least-stressed city.

For its study, the company collected city and county data across 500 of the largest cities in the country. The company then analyzed findings based on two categories: stressors, including average workweek length, daily commute, unemployment, divorce rates and housing costs, and stress-relievers, including average hours of sleep each night, entertainment opportunities and weekly exercise.

According to its report, Iowa City was "barely edged out" by Boulder. Iowa City was found to have the 15th-shortest workweek and the 13th-lowest bankruptcy rate. Its workweek, average commute and unemployment, bankruptcy and divorce rates were all lower than those of Boulder.

Boulder bested Iowa City with its physical activity rate, entertainment per 1,000 businesses, housing as a percentage of income and hours of sleep per night.

Iowa City was ranked the No. 2 least-stressed city in the U.S. for its average work week, hours slept and amenities. Here's the northside's High Ground Cafe. (Photo: David Scrivner / Iowa City Press)

According to the study, Iowa City has an average 34.6-hour workweek with an average 14-minute commute. The divorce rate is 7 percent, the study said, and has a nearly 60 percent physical activity rate. Iowa Citians also enjoy roughly 14 entertainment establishments per 1,000 businesses.

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