Tima Bansal will do a public lecture on Oct 4, 2016
Thursday, September 15, 2016
Emily Archer

Tima Bansal, professor at the Ivey Business School in Canada, is visiting the Tippie College of Business on October 4-5 to discuss how businesses can make sustainable changes that can positively affect the community.

Bansal will be visiting multiple groups within the college during her time at Tippie, including a lunch with Tippie undergraduate students on October 4 at 12:45pm. In the evening, Bansal will give a lecture, "Hooked on Speed: How the Addiction to Short-Termism is Undermining Profitability and Sustainability" in W151 Pappajohn Business Building on October 4 at 5:30pm. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Sustainability is a hot topic in business, but the path to going green can be difficult. According to Bansal, in order to make sustainable changes within a business, there need to be long-term goals set in place—goals that could take years to see the benefits.

“It is a standard practice in business to discount the future relative to the present, which leaves businesses--and societies--at risk of overusing resources and having an unsustainable future,” said Sara Rynes-Weller, professor of management and entrepreneurship and chair of the Tippie Sustainability Committee.

Bansal hopes to shed light on how businesses can make sustainability initiatives and the effect those decisions can have on their communities.

About Tima Bansal

Tima Bansal has been studying the effects of business strategy and how it connects with environmental issues for the past few decades, and since 1999 has raised $10 million for sustainability-related research.

Bansal’s own research has been cited in The Globe and Mail, National Post, Wall Street Journal, and The Independent. She speaks out about her research in lectures across the country, including a TedX talk at Western University.

On top of teaching at the Ivey Business School, she is also the director of the Centre on Building Sustainable Value and the executive director for the Network for Business Sustainability.  Bansal has also received many sustainability-related awards, including the Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability and the title of Faculty Pioneer for Academic Leadership at Aspen’s Institute.