environmental portrait of Andrea Luangrath
Friday, March 2, 2018
Lesanne B. Fliehler

Andrea Luangrath, assistant professor of marketing, received the 2017 C.W. Park Young Contributor Award at February’s Society for Consumer Psychology conference. The award is given to the best refereed paper published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology by an early career contributor in the past year. An early career contributor is a scholar whose work is published within two years of receiving the Ph.D. or a scholar who had not yet received the Ph.D. when the paper was published. The award
recognizes the article, “Textual Paralanguage and Its Implications for Marketing Communications.”

Luangrath studies social media messages that use nonverbal cuesor textual paralanguage. These text-based cues convey meaning that would normally be communicated through physical contact (*high five*), voice (“ummm…”), or facial expressions/gestures (-\_()_/-) and contribute to brand personality.

Luangrath received a BBA in marketing and international business in 2010, and a Ph.D. in marketing in 2016, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her expertise covers the fields of consumer linguistics, haptics, nonverbal behavior, psychological ownership, and sensory marketing.