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  • Yale Has a Retro Plan to Push a Tenth of Its MBAs to the Bottom of the Class
    (Bloomberg Businessweek, 04/11/2014)

    When Yale University's School of Management announced it would update the grading standards for its incoming class, students sent up an alarm. Current MBAs criticized the school for not seeking their feedback and for judging students in a way that they say conflicts with SOM's mission to create competent leaders.

  • Four Biggest 401(k) Conflicts
    (Forbes, 04/09/2014)

    There's often a boat load of conflicts hidden in the fine print of your 401(k) or pension plan.

  • Tippie Alum Sheri Salata Searches for Meaning at the Top of Oprah Winfrey
    (Huffington Post, 04/03/2014)

    In the bedroom of his home in South Bay, Calif., Erik Logan keeps an email he once received from his boss, Oprah Winfrey. "It's a very personal email and no one knows what's in it," he told The Huffington Post. "She sent it only to me, and I framed it, and it's in my closet where I get dressed. I see it every morning, and I look at it and I go, 'That's why I do this.'"

  • Editorial: Choice, Not Mandates, Can Curb Obesity
    (The Daily Iowan, 03/25/2014)

    Public-health experts have sounded the alarm on obesity for decades and with good reason. In 1962, 13 percent of American adults were considered obese. By 2010, that number had risen to 35.7 percent.

  • Is Big Data Dating the Key to Long-Lasting Romance?
    (BBC News, 03/24/2014)

    If you want to know if a prospective date is relationship material, just ask them three questions, says Christian Rudder, one of the founders of U.S. Internet dating site OKCupid.

  • Locals Eye Crimean Situation
    (The Daily Iowan, 03/24/2014)

    While Marina Zaloznaya grew up in Crimea, Ukraine,  in the 1980s and '90s, she practiced the Russian language, studied in Russian schools, and read Russian literature.

  • Look to a Business Master's to Build Specialized Skills
    (US News Weekly, 03/11/2014)

    A decade ago, Nate Curtis would almost certainly have pursued an MBA as a way to parlay his experience as a spokesman for the chief of naval operations and a passion for rock climbing into a marketing job for an outdoors retail company.

  • 'A Farm Boy on a Detour'
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 03/08/2014)

    One day last year, a well-dressed, older gentleman approached Pat's Diner, a food stand inside the University of Iowa's Henry B. Tippie College of Business building.

  • Uncertainty Hits U.S., Russian, Ukraine Markets
    (CBS, 03/03/2014)

    The political and military uncertainty of the Russian occupation of Crimea is wreaking havoc on the region's economy, evidenced by a 12 percent plunge in Russia's stock market and the skyrocketing price of oil—one of the country's chief exports—on Monday.

  • Employers Set UI Job Fair Record
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 02/24/2014)

    In a sign that experts say points to a growing economy, a record number of employers plan to participate this week in the annual spring job fair at the University of Iowa.

  • The Fall of Intrade and the Business of Betting on Real Life
    (BuzzFeed, 02/20/2014)

    On a crisp Tuesday in September, primary election day in New York City, volunteers are handing out mayoral campaign flyers on the fringes of Zuccotti Park, and Laurence Lau sizes up the odds. "I don't let my ideology get in the way," he says. "You can't—that's how you lose money." On a concrete table, a spreadsheet listing candidates and prices is open on a laptop and Lau explains how his computer model once turned raw data into positions on Intrade, a now-defunct site that billed itself as "the world's leading prediction market."

  • UI Professor: 'Ukraine Has Always Been Divided'
    (The Gazette, 02/20/2014)

    As a Russian national who grew up in Moscow both before and after the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, University of Iowa associate professor Art Durnev said he has plenty of friends, relatives, and colleagues in Ukraine.

  • Olympian's Startup Aims to Correct 'Mommy Hips'
    (Corridor Business Journal, 02/19/2014)

    Two-time Olympic bobsledder Jean Prahm of North Liberty has never been one to dodge a challenge, but her latest will test a new set of entrepreneurial skills.

  • Education Website Unveils List of Top 20 Online Bachelor of Business Management Degree Programs
    (Nashville Business Journal, 02/18/2014)

    Online education website has just released its selection of the Top 20 Online Bachelor of Business Management degree programs.  Schools on the list were chosen for their high-quality bachelor's degree programs offered in business administration/management. The article cites 20 of the best universities that offer online versions of their brick-and-mortar counterparts taught by the same award winning faculty. Each school's college of business consistently ranks high among other published rankings. The list of schools can be viewed at the following web address:

  • Machine Learning + Love
    (WNYC, 02/12/2014)

    Log onto an online dating site and you are asking a machine for romantic assistance. That's cool, but you might as well understand how it works, right?