Pappajohn Business Building
Monday, July 22, 2019
By Emily Ward

The Pappajohn Business Building (PBB) has been standing tall for 25 years, but it looks as good as new. How? When the students leave, the power tools come out – all thanks to alumni donations.

Among touch ups and office-shuffling, the PBB is undergoing multiple large renovations this summer. When students return to campus this fall, they will find new cooking equipment in Pat’s Diner, a new finance lab, and a refurbished quiet study space in the Pomerantz Business Library.

The best part of all? Most of these renovations have been privately funded by donations from Tippie alumni. These funds, building manager Rick Adrian says, “… have been a crucial part of why the building looks as good as it does 25 years after opening.”

All of this work is managed by the Tippie College’s Director of Facilities Rick Adrian and Facilities Coordinator Fletcher Williams, along with a student worker. UI Facilities Management oversees any custodial, HVAC, electric, and/or plumbing work needed.

Jim Chaffee, assistant dean of information technology and facilities for the college emphasizes that all the renovations are for the benefit of the students, “… specifically to help the student learning experience.”

“We are grateful to our donors for their support of these renovations,” concludes Adrian. “We would be unable to make these changes without their support. These renovations help the college attract the best students, staff, and faculty.”