Jewels Academy at Tippie
Thursday, October 10, 2019
Amanda May

The Des Moines-based nonprofit Jewels (Join Emerging Women Excelling in Leadership and STEM) Academy recently partnered with the Tippie College of Business for a day of data dives and leadership training.

Jewels Academy students visited Iowa City on Saturday, Oct. 5 as part of their Young Emerging Scientists program. The group works with female underrepresented students from 4th through 9th grade with 10th through 12th grade students serving as mentors. 

Department of Business Analytics Professor Jennifer Blackhurst spoke to students about how problems can be solved with analytics. Later students participated in a coding activity with Associate Professor Michael Colbert.

Assistant Professor Beth Livingston and Professor Amy Colbert, with the department of Management & Entrepreneurship, worked to dispel myths about what leaders look like and told participants leaders look a lot like them.

“I feel strongly that developing leadership skills allows problem solvers to be more effective through leading collaborative teams and implementing the solutions,” said Colbert. “This focus on leadership is especially important for women entering male-dominated fields. Self-awareness and leadership will help the women we are recruiting into STEM fields succeed by providing strategies for having their voices heard and helping them have an impact.”

“Leadership is a tool to promote inclusion.”

Students reported that they loved getting to code, seeing themselves as leaders, and the opportunity to sample college dorm food at Burge Residence Hall.