Members of  Tippie Technology and Innovation Association
Friday, April 3, 2015
Lesanne Fliehler

For the first time ever, 28 students attended the Association of Technology Professionals (AITP) National Collegiate Conference in Omaha on March 26-29, bringing home several awards in the technology competitions.

Members of the Tippie Technology and Innovation Association (better known as Tippie Tech), earned three third-place trophies in:

  • Database: Tanner Chartier and Eric Ruttenburg
  • Business Analytics: Dustin Balius and Kaytlyn Sheffler
  • Visual Studio ASP.NET: Yusha Pan and Chenwei Yang

Additionally, three teams earned honorable mentions:

  • Database: Benjamin Cunningham and Ling Tong
  • Business Analytics: Kyle Boyda and Anthony Fancher; Mike Howard and Sushuang Ma

“The teams did better than ever in the technology competitions,” said Yvonne Galusha, Tippie Tech’s faculty advisor. “There were over 500 students, competing as two-member teams in various competitions, and to garner this many recognitions was noteworthy. I especially like that of the 28 students, 12 received recognition. This speaks well of our program.”

“There was an unusually high number of students attending this year’s competition,” said Tippie Tech President Jay Brown. “This was in part because we were the Student Chapter co-host of the conference, enabling us to waive some registration fees, and not having to pay for any airfare.”

As for the selection process, the five executive officers of Tippie Tech are automatically eligible to attend, and the other 23 students were either nominated by their professors or were chosen depending on their class rank, personal statement, and dedication to the organization. 

“During last year’s competition in Atlanta, we took 15 people, of which 13 were seniors. This was problematic. Fortunately, this year we took a lot of juniors and some sophomores, too, for continuity. There’s a lot we can learn from those who have attended past conferences, and we are excited for what the coming years hold,” he said.

During the competition, student teams have 3-4 hours to complete the problem statement. That, Brown said, “seems like a lot of time, but you definitely feel rushed. Problem statements may be 16 pages long, in some cases. It’s like gathering data in a real-world business environment and then organizing, analyzing, and acting upon the data to make informed business decisions.”

This year’s attendees were Dustin Balius, Kyle Boyda, Jay Brown, Lindsay Bushman, Tanner Chartier, Benjamin Cunningham, Anthony Fancher, Yuan Fang, Austin Helgeson, Mike Howard, Jiaxi (Wonka) Huang, Brooke Leinen, Ryan Lutter, Sushuang Ma, Nelson Middendorff, Jieyu Pan, Yusha Pan, Victoria Passmore, Blake Rossdeutcher, Eric Ruttenburg, Kaytlyn Sheffler, Mike Staub, Ling Tong, Xuanyi (Sunny) Wang, Alyson Wennlund, Xiaochen (Mika) Xu, Chenwei Yang, and Aining (Alyssa) Zhang.