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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

AM Best has named the Tippie College’s Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance as one of 20 college programs doing the best job of preparing young people for careers in insurance.

“Being included in the group of top 20 RMI programs is an affirmation of the exceptional work done by our faculty and staff to get our students career ready,” says Thomas Berry-Stoelzle, faculty director of the Vaughan Institute and associate professor of finance. “Our classes include experiential projects in which students help local companies solve real risk management problems. Our students are certainly ready to solve today’s problems when they graduate.”

More than 100 schools received mention in the survey results, but 20 stood out. Industry professionals, hiring managers, and readers were surveyed regarding collegiate RMI programs and graduates. Some 272 industry professionals participated in the online survey. In addition, 28 hiring managers from the largest carriers and brokerages were interviewed on the subject.

What can schools be doing to better prepare young people for jobs in insurance? Nearly 20% recommended more internships and job-shadowing opportunities. Industry exposure was a recurring theme among the suggestions, with dozens of respondents calling for more campus speakers and greater student involvement in industry events.