Tippie students are seeking micro-internship or project opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis. As an alum of the Tippie College of Business here is how you can help and provide students with a meaningful work opportunity from a distance.

Social distancing measures and the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 crisis have dramatically reduced summer internship opportunities for Tippie students. While some internships are going virtual, many are being canceled outright, leaving our talented students without the valuable learning opportunities they’ve been excited about for weeks and even months.

Offer a micro-internship or project

In the Tippie spirit, we are encouraging our students to be resilient and innovative, seeking out other ways to achieve real-world work experience over the next few months. This is where we need your help.  Does your office have any data projects you just don’t have time for? Or have you been looking for help creating on-brand, engaging social media content? Let us know and we can partner with you to create a project or micro-internship for a Tippie student.

These summer learning opportunities can vary widely, but there are a few key criteria for a successful experience:

  1. Set a time limit. How many hours or weeks will this project take? A great experience may only be two weeks of work.
  2. Be specific about which tools you would like the student to use. What technical skills do they need to succeed? Tableau, Bloomberg, computer programming languages – there’s a Tippie student who can help.
  3. Ask for a deliverable (report, dashboard, etc.) and give the student an opportunity to share their work with others in your company. This provides closure for the project and gives the student a great story for future job interviews.

If you have potential project ideas, please email Cindy Meis, Director of Career Mangement, Specialized Masters, Graduate Mangement Programs at cindy-meis@uiowa.edu. She will be happy to help you define your project and promote it with Tippie students.

We will get through this, together. Go Hawks!