About us

Advocates for Cross-Cultural Experiences (ACCE) is an organization open all regardless of identity or affiliation. ACCE serves as a space where constructive conversations and understanding of cultural competence can be achieved. We aim to promote the development and growth of student’s active global citizenship around the five pillars of our organization.

How to join

Fill out the ACCE Membership Form and expect to hear back from us shortly. Just to reiterate, all are welcome. Membership dues are $15 for one semester or $25 for the full academic year.

The Five Pillars of ACCE


Social equality and equity are fundamental virtues we strive to improve the quality of here on campus. This is done by educating ourselves of social concepts that continue to perpetuate individuals of society as well as the actions we can take to mobilize cultural competence surrounds our central goals. With this, we want students to feel comfortable with their respective identities inside and outside of the classroom.


We feel that having close relationships with the community you are encompassed of builds a bigger pool of support, and that is reciprocated on both ends. Engaging with the Iowa City community allows you to grow as an active citizen and gain applicable skills for any residence you find yourself in.


Self-care is the foundation for success, and essential to thriving within the other pillars. College takes a toll on mental and physical health. You don’t have to spend a whole day at the spa to tend to this idea, this is as small as choosing to put down your textbook for the night and getting some sleep. We want to help you help yourself through connections to various resources and services here on campus.


Wherever you are pursuing your degree, staying in line with your coursework should always be a top priority. There may be various obstacles that impede succeeding in post-secondary education, therefore we hope to foster an environment that allows students to excel academically while improving upon their cultural competency. We are comprised of scholars who aim to see each other thrive both in our studies and in our understanding of one another.


The transferable skills and knowledge gained from our organization's other four pillars will culminate in your professional persona. We aim to help you not only build your professional network but help you become a more capable leader through group development activities and personal reflection.

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