About us

Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) is on a mission to create a community of followers of Christ within Tippie. Through our organization, you will get to share and gain wisdom on how to practice business that is both Biblical and founded on God's truth. We do this by reading scripture together, hosting Christian business professionals, and serving our community. 

How to join

Our organization is geared toward students already admitted into the Tippie College of Business, prebusiness students, or students strongly considering business as a major/minor. Contact us for information about our meeting times and locations. 

Get inspired

We have hosted speakers from Rockwell Collins, the University of Iowa, and Thrivent Financial, to name a few. Our speakers always demonstrate a work-life balance of faith and business. You will be inspired by the words of these professionals who are a part of our community of followers.

Service projects

BLinC has completed many service projects within Tippie. We also strive to partner with the Iowa City community so that you will be exposed to service opportunities outside of the college as well. One of our favorites is serving at the Faith Academy.

Contact Us

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