About us

Economics Forum is a weekly discussion of economic issues. We provide support to students considering the economics major and give you a leg up in the annual Federal Reserve Challenge team that happens each November.

How to join

Contact us to be added to our email list. Or simply show up to our weekly meetings, Sundays at 1 p.m. in S104 PBB.

Federal Reserve Challenge

The Economics Forums has connections to the University of Iowa Federal Reserve Challenge Team. Our connection allows you to be involved with an annual presentation on monetary policy in competition at the Chicago Federal Reserve.

Topic of the week

Weekly meetings always feature a topic of the week. They are open to all students and faculty—you don't need a background in economics to appreciate these speakers.

Beyond the classroom

We uncover economic issues and events that go beyond the classroom. This is what makes us unique from any other student organization.

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Bjorn Swenson