About us

Fashion Management Club (FMC) is an organization tailored to students who are interested in a career within the fashion industry. Through a variety of workshops, mock interviews, lectures, and trips, we offer a unique organization catered to your passion for fashion.

How to join

FMC is open to all students who are excited about fashion. Join us by attending our weekly meetings at 8 p.m. on Tuesday nights in PBB. Check us out on our website, Facebook, and Twitter to stay update with what's happening.

Unique professional trip

Every year a group of Fashion Management Club members takes a trip to Chicago for a professional trip. However, this is not your average professional trip. We get to spend the weekend setting up and working the Style Chicago Fashion Show in Millennium Park. You will make memories of a lifetime over this interactive weekend.

Active on campus

We like to to put our name out on campus while doing service work for the community. We hold fundraising events throughout the school year and are very present within the University of Iowa community.

Charity fashion show

Our Annual Charity Fashion Show accepts donations of clothing at several different locations on campus. We have so much fun styling the donated clothing into different looks for the fashion show itself. After the big event is over, we donate the clothes to the United Action for Youth.

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