About us

Korean Business Association (KBA) presents a series of educational, cultural, and social experiences for our members to participate in. From debates to networking, we create learning opportunities outside of the classroom while also providing a place to talk about diversity in the workplace.

How to join

KBA recruits new members at the beginning of each semester. Contact us for information about how to get involved.

Debating current issues

Korean Business Association holds debate competitions about current issues. We select the debating subject every two weeks and post the debating issues one week prior to the event. This is a great way for you to catch up on a variety of issues and gain some global perspective.

Simulated investment forum

Each year we hold the Simulated Investment Forum. This event will help you understand how the investment market and investment strategy function throughout the world.


It is important to us to provide mentoring service to Tippie students who needs academic assistance. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your course load, this organization is a great source of support.

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