About us

Tippie Senate is an advisory board of undergraduate students elected by the student body. We establish an exchange of ideas and provide recommendations to the college and the Undergraduate Program Office. We help create the best possible experience and environment for Tippie students.

How to join

As an upperclassman: Each spring semester, Tippie Senate adds members by election throughout the Tippie College of Business. Contact us for more information on how to get your campaign started this spring.

As a first-year student: In the fall, Tippie Senate selects 2–3 direct admit students through an interview process to join and offer an underclassman perspective. These direct admit students will have to be elected in the spring of their sophomore year to remain a Tippie Senator.


Dia de los Muertos

In honor of the Mexican holiday, we host a Day of the Dead celebration at the end of each October. At these festivities, Tippie students enjoy authentic food, activities, music and decorations. We have so much fun bringing students together for a nontraditional event.

Finals events

Each finals week, we offer both free food for studying and additional study space in the Pappajohn Business Building. We value Tippie students and take pride in giving them the tools to succeed.

Lunar New Year          

Come join Tippie Senate in a festive, multicultural event. Winning the student organization of the year in 2015 and growing even larger in 2016, we are proud to host a holiday event that is celebrated by many countries around the world. 

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