Important news about the Full-time MBA Program
Tippie College of Business has announced that the incoming class of 2019 will be the last cohort of students admitted to the Full-time MBA program at Iowa. The decision to end this delivery format for the Iowa MBA will allow the college to continue to innovate and grow the Professional MBA, Executive MBA, and portfolio of specialized master's programs increasingly preferred by the students and businesses we serve.
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You’re a future MBA, so we bet you’re pretty good with numbers.

But it doesn’t take a math genius to recognize that getting paid 21% less than your co-worker—for the same work—is not cool.

Women make just 79% of what men earn for the same work, nationwide. Women aren’t equally represented in the ranks of business leaders (not just the C-suite, either), and they’re not making up half of MBA classrooms.

They should be. We’re helping that goal become reality.

What the program does

The Dore-Tippie Women’s MBA Leadership Program grooms the next generation of female business leaders for success in the working world. We engage and empower women MBA students, and connect them with strong women who are already leaders in their own right.

“I look for opportunities to invest in young people who are going to impact a lot of others. I think that's the best way to change and improve our businesses and our world. My own experiences have made me passionate about supporting women's leadership.”

—Program Co-founder Kathleen Dore

And here's how we do it


Personal branding, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, cultivating an authentic leadership style, and negotiating—including negotiating a competitive salary. The fun starts before classes do; incoming women MBAs enjoy a full day of getting to know each other and building community.


This isn’t drive-by mentoring, where a big-shot alum breezes into town, talks at you, shakes your hand, and leaves on the next flight out. Three times a year, successful women mentors spend two days on campus with our women MBAs. There are bountiful opportunities to interact with these inspiring women, in small groups and one-on-one.


Along with the undergraduate Women in Business student org, we spend a day exploring women’s issues, like gender equality in the workplace. Notable speakers and a panel of business leaders round out a day of networking between women MBAs, undergrads, and alumni.


Two exceptional female students—one first-year and one second-year—earn full-tuition scholarships with a generous stipend. These students also have the opportunity to shape the Women’s Leadership Program going forward.