Undergraduate Program in Accounting (BBA)

The four-year program leads to the bachelor's degree in business administration (BBA). Students seek undergraduate training in accounting for a variety of reasons, including preparation for various careers in accounting, finance, other business or not-for-profit areas, or preparation for law school. Moreover, accounting—as a social science and as the language of business concerned with the measurement and communication of entities' economic events and circumstances—encompasses a broad range of activities and decisions as well as managerial incentives and other organizational issues. The BBA in accounting prepares individuals for careers in as wide a variety of areas as one can imagine.

Career Opportunities

Most prospective students are very interested in the employment opportunities they can expect upon graduating from an accounting program. Here at Iowa, we are proud that more than 120 firms recruit accounting students on campus every year. Our program and graduates are highly regarded, as indicated by the following comments.

"I am pleased to report that Iowa graduates continue to perform, as a group, in a distinguished manner. Over the years, we have experienced that they have outstanding work ethics and excellent accounting skills." Douglas D. Calvin, Managing Partner (Retired), PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC
"Deere & Company is intent upon satisfying the majority of its new accounting employee requirements from its internship program. The University of Iowa has been designated as one of the universities of greatest strategic importance to Deere and has been one of its primary sources for accounting talent. More than 100 UI accounting graduates are employed in financial counseling roles throughout Deere." James G. Darby, Director of Human Resources, Deere & Company