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"There is a clear need in the field of analytics to prepare individuals for that full lifecycle—from understanding the business problems to the ability to meaningfully convey findings."
Jason Cooper
Chief Analytics Officer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Jason Cooper

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

new master's program in business analytics

Starting in the fall, Tippie will offer a master's degree in business analytics from our Cedar Rapids campus. More information will be available soon.

Data is potential

And that data is accumulating. It's on the cloud, on your servers, in your data warehouse, on your laptop. Never before has data been so abundant, so accessible, yet so underutilized.

How does this translate to your career? Job security. There are more jobs that require these skills than people to fill them—not just in Iowa, but also regionally and globally.

That's where we come in.

Our five-course Business Analytics Certificate helps you make sense of your data, however big or small. The program is delivered by University of Iowa's world-class faculty and nationally ranked business school. It's designed for all professionals—regardless of your role, title, or industry—with a focus on impacting business decisions.

Our teaching philosophy

What separates analytics from business analytics is understanding how data can create value. The course work approaches big data by asking three questions:


What Happened?

Why did I lose customers? Why did our yield change?

Data Mining

What will happen?

Who is most likely to contribute to my campaign?


What do I do about it?

How can I use data to target new customers?

Program at a glance

Students in the classroom

When: Weeknights, no Friday classes

Where: Downtown Cedar Rapids campus

Length: Five courses

Time to complete: As little as one year

Cost: $1,995 per course

No GRE/GMAT required